At present we are working on the first official TOAF version. Software is  ready from a few months, but TOAF still needs a few tweaks to eliminate some little bugs then we have to do final testing. We test each change which takes time as in many cases TOAF is connected to more than one module. Most of all is the safety for our cars and every other TOAF user. It is of the most importance that we eliminate any problems embedded in the software.

There are many questions about TOAF so we decided to create this web site and Facebook page where we will try to inform you about every new update and change. We will also try to speak with future users about TOAF and gain feedback from them. We will dispel rumours about unfair competition to owners of T4, VT4 or P.scan. We will also question why TOAF is dangerous to Rover 75 & MG ZT cars TOAF is a free-ware tool to diagnose and for coding Rover 75 and MG ZT cars. Other models are not supported.

We know that this is in competition to these two well known products above but we think that is fair competition, simply because is created by Rover fans for Rover fans by reverse engineering. We are sure and can guarantee that TOAF will be safe to our cars, so long as the instructions are fully adhered to.

Everybody has a choice, you don't have to use our software. If you want to ask for something please contact us using last tab on the website.

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