We are very pleasant to inform you that we released the long awaited version of TOAF. Present version contains many fixing, but as we thing still have some little things to be done. Probably this is the last version from 0.5.xx.yy. Next releases will be developed at newer and most important giving more possibilities technology. Main window layout will be changed, but software functionality will remain at same or better stage.

We would like to inform that you can download the newest version of TOAF. It contains important fixes which you reported to us during last two weeks.

Our site is Under siege, with every minute visit counter is rising, Same as TOAF download. We have already noted two attempts to break in to the website and one short attack DDOS We do not know whether this is as a success or failure of our humble project...

Due to doubts from foreign forum, We would like to explain two questions:

- donation,

- chargable options.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our point of view

First of April was that day... Something changed in our world

So as we promised, we sent first stable version of TOAF alternative to OMITEC T4, but this is still some thing to be developed.
We decided to make this step, to proof some group of people that TOAF Project is alive and we work over it all the time.
This is also some kind of test for us. Is software ready to diagnose and configuring cars from Rover 75 and MG ZT Group

According to promise first recipents are our donators via PAYPAL who donated us before 31 of March 2016
e-mail with RAR Archive was sent to all registered e-mails via PAYPAL system
(some people didn't received emails - probably from mailbox security)

There is only one week since we started this site on right address and already we have 4k visitors. Most of them comes from Poland, but not only, we also have guests from rest of the world, like Great Britain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Russia, Canada, Australia, and most astonishing visit from United Arab Emirates. We didn't realize how great interest in the TOAF project.


At present we are working on the first official TOAF version. Software is  ready from a few months, but TOAF still needs a few tweaks to eliminate some little bugs then we have to do final testing. We test each change which takes time as in many cases TOAF is connected to more than one module. Most of all is the safety for our cars and every other TOAF user. It is of the most importance that we eliminate any problems embedded in the software.

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