Our site is Under siege, with every minute visit counter is rising, Same as TOAF download. We have already noted two attempts to break in to the website and one short attack DDOS We do not know whether this is as a success or failure of our humble project...

We know that release of our software is connected with emotions. In addition to positive there were also negative. We suspected this from the First moment when the World heard about TOAF, but we did not expect on such a scale. We knew from the beginning that TOAF would be for free, except for a few options. We also known that will be based on simplest hardware solutions. Our target was to create an alternative to service hardware Omitec T4, and we knew that T4 owners will be in opposition and very sceptic about TOAF.

We have received from you many emails and private messages on Facebook. Part of them with thanks for work we did, part about technical issues about program, but there are also questions from scared users about using the program. Everything caused by some negative information which appeared in foreign forums about negative influence of toaf to the cars modules.

TOAF is the software for People who knows what they are doing. When TOAF is used According to specifications nothing bad shouldn't happen. This software has to be simple and a cheap way to diagnose and coding our cars R75 and ZT. It has to be alternative to T4 with several functions which T4 can't do.

When we released it to users all over the world we know that in short time users will find bugs and errors. Starting from simple letters missing to the biggest issue like EWS sync. (Thanks Brian). When engine wouldn't start. If anybody wants to brick his car, he always find the way to do this. But IF you do backup's everything will be alright.

Because any suggestions connected with safety are important for us, we would like to inform that Marcin.misek already working to eliminate all errors found up untill now. Updated versions will receive safety functions which will keep your cars in working condition. When something goes wrong you will be able to restore previous setting which TOAF made automatically after connecting it to car.

According to allegations from foreign forum:


Thanks for showing error. In some situations a problem occured


For now TOAF will secure ZCS codes saved in EWS, IKE and DME/DDE. If somebody wanted to reset them, TOAF will ask are you sure to do this, but first will save them on HDD for restore them in any moment.


In TOAF there is an option to delete any from five saved keys. Toaf will ask are you sure to do this, and same as above you must do backups on HDD.

Writing about keys we would like to inform that function above with keys isn't an option to get money from users when they delete codes. Options only added for a reason when you have lost your key or something. Chargeable options will be only adding other used remotes to the car.

For the end we would like to admit that we still working on Toaf to make it a better thing. We analyzing reported errors, discuss about suggestions and we will be developing toaf as far we can. All this from love to our cars, electronics, coding, this is our hobby. We would like to inform about people who are officially connected with toaf project from technical and information side. We see that in internet is few users who talks about toaf and its possibilities but not connected personally with our group.

1. Marcin.Misek

2. MaReK (cocoban78)

3. longer86

4. Prebenny

5. Steryd

Regards to all TOAF users. Thanks for all donations and reported errors. And also greetings to our opponents

Have a good evening


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